Residential Design Services: Dimensional Surveys, CAD, Technical Drawings & Drafting, Interior Design, 3D Modeling, Permiting


Residential design services are for both individual clients and for businesses, and could be for as little as 2 hours discussing potential remodel options for a new home, or 150 hours+ developing a master plan for new build construction. Realistic timelines are always considered and every effort made to achieve the best quality service, for private individuals and tradespeople alike.

Please, feel free to text or email with any questions, no matter how small of a project.

All design services, including (but not limited to) Dimensional surveys (that do not establish property lines), design consultation and meetings, drafting of technical (but non-structural) drawings, production of digital 3D models, and preparation of permit sets, cost $160.00 per hour.

For projects that require location of property lines, structural engineering, or calculation of Title24 / HVAC components, these are always referred out to specialist, licensed companies as part of the design process. 

Individual clients are encouraged to bid larger projects with more than one local general contractor. No rewards or 'kickbacks' are received for the referral of one contractor over another.