Residential Design Services: Dimensional Surveys, CAD, Technical Drawings & Drafting, Interior Design, 3D Modeling, Permiting


Residential design services are for both individual clients and for businesses, and could be for as little as 2 hours discussing potential remodel options for a new home, or 150 hours+ developing a master plan for new build construction. Realistic timelines are always considered and every effort made to achieve the best quality service, for private individuals and tradespeople alike.

Please, feel free to text or email with any questions, no matter how small of a project.

All design services, including (but not limited to) Dimensional surveys (that do not establish property lines), design consultation and meetings, drafting of technical (but non-structural) drawings, production of digital 3D models, and preparation of permit sets, cost $160.00 per hour.

For projects that require location of property lines, structural engineering, or calculation of Title24 / HVAC components, these are always referred out to specialist, licensed companies as part of the design process. 

Individual clients are encouraged to bid larger projects with more than one local general contractor. No rewards or 'kickbacks' are received for the referral of one contractor over another.



It all starts with a meeting. We'll take a tour of the property and discuss what you want to achieve, the time-scale, budget and aesthetic you are aiming for. For this meeting it is helpful if you have any owned drawings of the property, quick sketches, photos Pinterest boards or property addresses that will aid in communication. The first consultation for a project is always free.


A survey will be carried out in two phases: first a property research detail to find out the zoning ordinances, setbacks, lot coverages, etc, so that we do not design outside of our means. Secondly a physical property survey that gets translated into technical drawings. Note that this is not a structural, geotechnical or property line survey at this point.

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Technical Drawings (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the process by which technical drawings are created for residential design discussion and submittal. These 2D drawings include plans, sections, elevations, and details to ultimately convey construction intent, but are also what we will use to develop the logistics of spaces.


Design Development

Throughout the design stage of the project we will discuss options for spacial logistics cabinetry, materials, services, furniture layouts, finishes, hardware, lighting etc. These get refined though CAD, visiting vendors and showrooms, creating materials pallets, 3D modelling and virtual reality. Using a combination of these methods we will arrive at a final design to take forward to submittal.


Specialists & Submittal

Once completed we will send out the set to the appropriate specialists for their calculations and installation review. This includes HVAC, Title24, Structural engineering ect. The whole package is then sent in for permitting with the appropriate jurisdiction. If we receive comments on the set we will then revise and resubmit.


Along the way we will be consulting with our network of professionals, but clients are encouraged to bid with more than one general contractor. Materials and fixture vendors submit their estimates before construction begins, so that installations fall into a defined timeline of events. We will work with you and the contractor to work out issues that arise during the construction phase.